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Frost Ridge, complying with court order, announces change of venue for June 7 show

Press release:

Jam At The Ridge Presents: Josh Thompson In Concert - Performance Location Change

As you may know, a preliminary injunction has been issued against amplified outdoor concerts at Frost Ridge at this time. To fully comply with the court order and meet our commitment to our guests, the Josh Thompson Concert scheduled for June 7th, 2014 at 5 p.m. (gates open at 4 p.m.) is being moved to:

    J W Jones Hall

    366 Leicester Road
    Caledonia, NY 14423

    Maps:  Google   Bing

The firefighters of Caledonia have been very gracious to provide this space and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. This location is only 14 minutes from camp and is easy to find. If you have any trouble, please come to camp and get a map.

Ticket-holders, please go directly to the venue at the address above.

Campers, please register at the campground and take the FREE shuttle to the venue.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us keep the music alive at The Ridge.

ADDITIONALLY: The attorneys involved in the two lawsuits over Frost Ridge met in conference Friday in the chambers of Judge Robert C. Noonan. The meeting was primarily to go over the calendar of motions and appearances in the case, but attorney Karl Essler was introduced as legal counsel for the Zoning Board of Appeals. Somehow, the ZBA, which has consistently found that Frost Ridge is a legal nonconforming use within the Town of Le Roy's zoning laws, was not notified it was a party to one of the lawsuits. The ZBA was not represented at a hearing that proceeded Noonan's ruling on the current injunction against amplified music and alcohol service at Frost Ridge. David Roach, attorney for Frost Ridge, said Essler will be permitted to file a written argument in the case without opposition from the plantiff's counsel. It's unclear how the additional information might or might not lead to a modification of Noonan's ruling. No date was announced for the next court proceeding.

Guy Clark
guyclark's picture
Joined: Nov 14 2008

The outpouring of support from so many people in so many ways from Genesee County and now our friends in Livingston County and beyond is fantastic...especially given the fact that Frost Ridge was labeled by the town as a "cancer" to our community. Who would have thought that this type of "cancer" would be so popular in LeRoy.

Lincoln DeCoursey
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Joined: Nov 5 2008

Some readers have concluded that the government infighting would be funny if it weren't for taxpayers footing the bill. At first blush the skirmish looks to be an evidence of too many layers of government. The zoning board of appeals is the one government entity apparently staying consistent in its position while the town's enforcement has now flipped on Frost Ridge. This makes me suspect that the zoning board of appeals may be an important safety.

I have two questions regarding the town enforcement officer's finding of zoning violations. Did Frost Ridge appeal? Since the appeals board's position seemingly runs counter to the enforcement officer's, if that board did or were to hear an appeal from the officer's decision and overturn it, what basis would that leave the town for alleging zoning violations in court?

I'm not certain how valued the ZBA's direct input will be to the town's lawsuit since it's apparently not named in that court case. What does look certain is that the ZBA has managed to find one of the most expert specialized zoning attorneys in New York.

Brian Graz
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Joined: Sep 18 2010

This is disgraceful. I'd love to see some empty headed infidels living near Darien Lake Performing Arts try and shut that venue down! It's always the little guy who get screwed over.

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