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Facebook page, petition created to lobby for Genesee ARC to retain garbage contract

Somebody has created a Facebook page called Batavians Want to Keep ARC Trash Collection in an apparent effort to build the necessary political pressure on the Batavia City Council to retain ARC as the company that picks up the city's residential waste.

After nearly 30 years of waste management for the city by ARC, the agency has been required to compete with other companies for the contract, which includes a significant change to how garbage and recycling is handled in Batavia.

The page also contains a link to an online petition for city residents to sign in support of Genesee ARC.

From as many as 10 Genesee ARC employees could lose jobs, including people with disabilities, if the city council awards the bid to another company.

Genesee ARC submitted the highest bid at $4.99 million over five years, compared to the lowest bid, by Arizona-based Allied/Republic at $4.34 million.

The city council will decide which company gets the trash collection contract in February.

Everything you might like to know about the new garbage collection service is contained in documents posted to the city's Web site.

Jack Dorf
JDorf's picture
Joined: Apr 12 2010

$650,000 in savings. There is your money for the police not to bump
their 3 Lt. Down to Sgt. Rank with a pay cut.

Mark Potwora
mepot's picture
Joined: May 14 2008

Why doesn't ARC lower their bid to match the low bid...Most of their bid i would say 75% of it will go to Boone and sons not ARC..

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