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Deputies searching Route 20, Perry Road area for man with self-inflicted knife wound

Deputies are searching the area of Telephone Road and Perry Road for a man with a possible self-inflicted knife wound who fled an area residence on foot.

A deputy said, "We're not sure how bad it is. He's definitely injured. We're going to have to find him somehow."

The man is described as 5' 2" tall and thin. He is a white male from Rochester with no friends or family in the area. He fled in a southeasterly direction.

There may be another knife-cut victim at the residence.

Pavilion fire and Mercy EMS are staging at the nearby salt barn. Mercy Flight is on ground standby.

UPDATE 10:42 p.m.: It appears there is nobody injured back at the residence. The subject who fled is described as more of a threat to himself than police. It's not believed he has any weapons on him at this time.

UPDATE 11:05 p.m.: The subject is wearing blue jeans.

UPDATE 11:49 p.m.: Mercy Flight, which has remained on ground standby, is told to stand down.

UPDATE 11:57 p.m.: Pavilion fire is told to go back in service. No other update on the situation.

UPDATE 12:12 a.m.: It sounds like a resident spotted him lying down in some brush and he's been located. Pending confirmation ...

UPDATE 12:13 a.m.: Deputies are with the subject.

UPDATE 12:15 a.m.: Pavilion fire and Mercy EMS requested back to the scene. The subject has minor cuts.

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