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Council to discuss the future of garbage collection at Monday's council meeting

The Batavia City Council will discuss a resolution to award a refuse and recycling collection contract to Allied Waste Services at its Monday meeting. A public hearing date has not yet been announced, but there will be one before a vote on the matter Feb. 25.

City staff is recommending Allied as the lowest responsible bidder for the contract.

Allied's bid for the first five years was $4,341,125.

Genesee ARC, which has provided trash service to city residents for nearly 30 years, submitted the highest bid at $5,073,673.

Cascade Engineering has received staff recommendation as the lowest responsible bidder for a supply of wheeled trash and recycling carts to be delivered to residents.

At the Feb. 25 meeting, the council will also need to vote on a resolution amending the local law to make the new tote-based system possible. This resolution likewise will be the subject of a public hearing with the date to be announced beforehand.

Also on this Monday's agenda:

  • Councilwoman Rosemary Christian has asked the council to approve a letter supporting a ban on assault rifles;
  • There's a request to discuss sidewalk snow removal under Section 159-8 of the municipal code;
  • Prospective owners of the former State Police barracks are asking that the property be rezoned, as it once was, to industrial. A purchase offer for the property is contingent on the zoning change. The property is located at 655 W. Main St.;
  • The council will be asked to schedule a public hearing on the proposed city budget.
david spaulding
chunky's picture
Joined: Sep 12 2011

rosemary,why would you waste everyones time with this letter on assault rifles? after all you do know there already is a ban on assault rifles....don't you? if not get informed councilwoman........i'm so tired of you politicians trying to promote yourself on issues that have nothing to do with you....

Mark Janofsky
mrj14020's picture
Joined: Feb 18 2009

Howard, What is Cascade Engineering's bid for the totes?

Richard Richmond II
Richard Richmond's picture
Joined: Mar 29 2011

I wouldn’t be too tough on Rosemary. Whether one disagrees with her or not, and I do disagree, I’m certain Rosemary's intentions are good and Rosemary believes she’s doing the right thing.

Perhaps the Counsel could compromise and approve a “GUN FREE ZONE” for Rosemary’s residence and then permit her to erect a tasteful sign.

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