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Collins votes to fund national parks and NIH

Press release:

“Tonight (last night - ed.), the House continued to work and offer reasonable and commonsense solutions to the partial government shutdown by passing bills to fully fund the National Institute of Health for critical research and open all national parks and museums.

The American people should not be shortchanged because Washington can’t get its act together.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats continue to slam the door on our efforts to reopen the government by refusing to talk to House Republicans and negotiate a responsible budget solution.

Congress must stop putting itself ahead of the American people. I continue to encourage my colleagues to voluntarily suspend or donate their pay, as I have, during a shutdown and refuse the special Obamacare exemptions for Congress, its staff and the White House.”

Michael Feenaughty
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Joined: Oct 2 2013

View of Mr. Collins Decision to suspend pay.

Don’t be fooled by the political charade of Mr. Chris Collins. Mr. Collins premeditated actions and disregard for his contingents resulted in a shut down the US federal government.

Why did Mr. Collins shut down the government and furlough nearly 800,000 of our follow American citizens? Because Mr. Collins does not believe that all the people in his district should have access to affordable health care. It is not his concern. In fact Mr. Collins is actively seeking legislation to insure citizens in District 27 do not have affordable and guaranteed healthcare.

Mr. Collins does not believe that your children between the ages of 18-26 should be included and covered under your health care insurance policy.

Mr. Collins does not agree that insurance companies should be required, under law, to provide you and your family health insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Mr. Collins believes that insurance companies should be allowed to drop you and your family from health care insurance coverage if you become ill and require medical care beyond a dollar limit determined by insurance companies.

Does this represent you? Is this really the reason we, in NY District 27, voted for Mr. Chris Collins? Do we really not care about our family, friends and neighbors?

Ted Wenzka
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Joined: May 25 2010

You must be a Democrat.
Get this straight, Mr. Collins did not shut down the government. It is the high and mighty Democratic Senate who did it. Mr. Collins and government officials like him are trying to bring a business-like attitude to our over-spending government.

Janice Stenman
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Joined: Mar 8 2009

Business like attitude??? Good one. It was not very business like of the Republicans who appeared in Congress on Monday still reeking of their celibratory drunken spree after the government shut down. Sure they want to negotiate now..... Negotiate is Republican speak for you Democrats better capitulate. Oh, just so you don't have to guess I'm a RINO.

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