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Clarification on the Craig Lawson, Jason McNeil case

The family of Jason McNeil, the former WNY resident seriously injured after being struck by Craig Lawson at a Kid Rock concert a year ago, has asked we clarify some prior reporting on the case.

At a pre-trial hearing in January Deputy Lonnie Nati testified that immediately after the incident, Lawson made statements indicating that he and McNeil had been involved in a confrontation and that Lawson said, "he never should have touched my wife."

Not expecting a plea deal, we were not at Lawson's court appearance last week where Lawson entered a guilty plea to second-degree assault in exchange for a maximum one-year jail term. We reported the mere fact of the plea based on information provided by the D.A.'s office. At the hearing, Lawson made a statement we were not informed of until this morning.

Lawson said:

I've had the opportunity with my lawyers to again review the evidence the people will present against me at trial. I admit the individual I struck was not the person I encountered earlier while leaving the concert.

Lawson made no other statements concerning the events of July 5, 2013. He will be sentenced Aug. 18.

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