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City fire hires experienced firefighter from Lockport

An experienced firefighter joined the City Fire Department today. Zach Gowanloch spent two-and-half years with Lockport before falling victim to a budget ax. Recently married and a new father, Gowanloch is also EMT trained.

"I came down, met with the chief, liked what I saw, was very impressed, met with a couple of the guys," Gowanloch said when asked about why he applied for the job. "It just seemed like a nice place to work."

Gowanloch and his wife are looking for a new home in Batavia.

Mark Potwora
mepot's picture
Joined: May 14 2008

Wish Batavia city council had a budget ax..They only seem to find new ways to spend our tax dollars..

John Roach
John Roach's picture
Joined: May 29 2008

Rather have a new firefighter who is already trained (no cost for training) than the new unneeded Assistant City Manager.

Scott Ogle
Zbird's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2013

Well, welcome to sunny Batavia anyhow, Zack!

Robert Tretter
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Joined: Jan 27 2009

Ok Mark I couldn't stand it any longer. Get a life quite being so negative. It is so common on internet. Good hire and saved money. I don't understand how people, well a few hate to live in this area, you can't beat it. In the city or in the out linning areas.

Brian Graz
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Joined: Sep 18 2010

Are you kidding me... with ALL the volunteer fire fighters in Genesee County there was none that were "trained" and have EMT certification, who would like {love} an opportunity to become a "very well paid" fire fighter?

As far as the budget ax... it would be most interesting to compare budget and spending between Lockport and Batavia. Lockport is roughly 35% larger than Batavia [population, families, homes], I wonder if their budget is 1/3 larger, or their FD has 35% more employees. I did find some numbers online that report Lockport's Police Dept has 24 Officers and Batavia's PD has 30. Hmmmmmmmmmm... ?

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