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Charges against woman arrested at reservation dismissed, but case not closed

Charges were dismissed in Federal Court in August against the one person arrested on the Tonawanda Indian Reservation as the result of a raid related to alleged synthetic drug sales at smoke shops.

Tiffany E. Greiner, 22, of Akron, was arrested in July on a single count of conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance analog intended for human consumption.

Joseph LaTona, her attorney, said this morning that the charges were dismissed because a witness was out of town and not available for a scheduled court appearance. The prosecution didn't want to adjourn the case, so LaTona moved to dismiss the charges and the judge granted the request.

Federal prosecutors still have the option to take the case to a grand jury and seek an indictment.

Barbara Burns, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Western New York, declined comment on the dismissal, but said authorities continue to investigate the case related to the Tonawanda raids. She said authorities continue to seek witnesses or other people with information and encouraged members of the public to come forward with any information they might have related to the alleged sale of synthetic drugs at the reservation.

Doug Yeomans
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There are bigger fish to fry. Limited resources are needed to go after people who are a larger threat to society. Let this one go and move along.

Christopher Putnam
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Joined: Oct 11 2012

Barbara Burns, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Western New York, when asked to comment on the dismissal, she declined. She did however comment that they have no evidence, and they need some members of the community that bought her "analog controlled substance" to come forward and snitch.
How does that go in court anyway.
Defense attorney: Did my client force you to buy this analog substance?
Witness: No.
DefAtt: Was the package clearly marked that it was NOT intended for human consumption?
Witness: Yes

No further questions. Lets do what Portugal did. Give the addicts all the cheap drugs they want, after a few years it sorts itself out. Or we could make them criminals and spend millions of dollars on them to feed them and keep them warm, and get nothing back. oh wait....

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