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Batavia PD looking for subject following incident on Jackson Street

Batavia Police are looking for a subject last seen heading east on Highland Park following an unknown incident *on Jackson Street.

The subject is described as wearing a white tank top T-shirt, white flat-brimmed hat with a scruffy beard, riding a mountain bike and "still carrying the baseball bat."

*We didn't catch the original dispatch.

UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: Two acquaintances apparently had an ongoing dispute and one person allegedly hit the other with a baseball bat. The victim was transported by ground ambulance to the Genesee County Airport and taken by Mercy Flight to Strong. Lt. James Henning said there is a "person of interest" police would like to locate. Officers are also interested in talking to any additional witnesses, who can call the tip line at 585-345-6370.

dennis wight
Overburdened's picture
Joined: May 4 2008
guy struck in the face with a bat laying in the street at jackson and watson streets
Bob Rathenburgh
BobRath's picture
Joined: Sep 22 2010
Thats horrible that someone could do that i hope they catch this person.
Jessica Moscicki
SweetLady06's picture
Joined: Sep 30 2010
This is horrible! Although nobody should be "fighting"if you are going to at least do not bring a BASEBALL BAT IN!! Are you serious i know someone whom this happened to in Macedon,NY a few years ago and he was very close to death! and struggled everyday to get dressed and eat and bathe due to some stupid idoit! Prayers are with this man!
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