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Batavia man arrested following report of burglary in progress in State Street Road area

A suspected burglar was allegedly caught in the act Saturday after a man was seen entering the home of an off-duty police officer in the Town of Batavia.

When the man was ordered to surrender, he allegedly fled from troopers and headed toward a cornfield on State Street Road.

He was subsequently captured by troopers and deputies on scene without further incident. At the time of his arrest, he was allegedly carring items taken from the residence and stolen credit cards from a residence in the City of Batavia.

Charged with second-degree burglary is Aaron W. Clark, 24, of Clinton Street, Batavia.

Clark is currently on parole for robbery, 2nd. He was also charged with parole violation, criminal possession of stolen property, 4th, and obstructing governmental administration.

Investigators believe Clark approached other homes in the area and if a resident answered the door, he left or claimed to need gas for his vehicle so he could get back to Rochester.

It's possible other homes in the area were burglarized. Any person with further information that may assist in the investigation can contact State Police at (585) 344-6200.

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So..... Mr. Clark should go back to prison..........right?

Raymond Richardson
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There's no "should" to it Richard.

It's inevitable!

Jason Crater
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Derp a lerp. Too many burglars are skipping a crucial step to burgling. You ALWAYS case the house beforehand. You don't want to find out you're in a cop's house mid-burglary.

[sarcasm font...just in case anyone is taking me seriously]

Mardell Lamb
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Gary Spencer
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"That boy, I say, that boy's about as sharp as a bowling ball"

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