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Alleged victim of shotgun menacing claims Bergen resident was communicating with his wife

The man who went to the residence of John Lavarne Robinson the afternoon of Jan. 13, 2013 and allegedly found himself face-to-barrel with a shotgun said in a statement to police that he only had a simple question for Robinson: Why was the Bergen resident communicating with his wife?

The Brockport resident said he had previously confronted his wife about the communication with Robinson and said he believed she had gone out on a couple of dates with Robinson. After checking phone records online, the man said he found there were new, recent communications between Robinson and his wife.

"I wanted to talk with John about his involvement with (my wife) and tell him to stop talking with her," the man wrote in his statement.

The statement, and Robinson's statements, along with the charging document were acquired by The Batavian from the Sheriff's Office through a FOIL request.

Members of Robinson's family and his supporters have left comments on The Batavian, through e-mails and on social media defending his actions.

Their version of events has consistently said that the alleged victim was banging on Robinson's door, threatening Robinson and that Robinson called 9-1-1 and was told by dispatchers to use his shotgun to protect himself.

Family members have also said the alleged victim was arrested by State Police the day of these alleged events, but Trooper Victor Morales, spokesman for Troop A, said there is no record of such an arrest.

Deputy Matthew Butler, who investigated the case and arrested Robinson, included several statements he attributes to Robinson in part of the charging document. He said Robinson told him, "I called 9-1-1." "He was kicking the shit out of my door." "I loaded my shotgun." "I yelled that I had a gun." "9-1-1 told me to do that." "He was calling me a coward and that he was going to kill me." "I thought he was coming in."

The Brockport resident said, "At no time did I want to cause harm to John. I just wanted to discuss his relationship with my wife. When I saw that shotgun pointed at my face, I was scared to death that John was going to shoot me."

In his statement, the man said he had reason to believe Robinson was in his house and kept knocking on the door. He said when he went looking for another doorway, he walked past a window and saw movement so he took a closer look into the window.

He says he did call Robinson "a coward" for not coming out.

He said he saw Robinson on the phone and Robinson screamed at him, "get out of here or I'm going to (blow) your (sic) f---ing head off." He wrote, "John was saying this and pointing the gun at my head and he was only a few feet away from me."

Doug Yeomans
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Joined: Feb 13 2009

If you mess with another man's wife, you probably should expect either an ass whupping, or the woman to show up on your doorstep with a packed suitcase looking for a place to stay.

Gary Spencer
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Joined: Feb 18 2009

He still should have been shot!!

John Woodworth JR
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Joined: May 28 2009

Well this Brockport man should not have confronted MR. Robinson. If he suspect his wife is cheating on him. Then he should be grilling her and not MR. Robinson. Kick the lil ho bag out. If he is smart he is documenting everything she is doing.

Bob Harker
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Joined: Aug 20 2009

And the wife is not held responsible? Her culpability in this incident is HUGE!

I have to agree with John Jr. As much as it hurts, kick her ass to the curb, let your wounds heal, and move forward.

Where there is smoke, generally there is fire.

My full emotional support goes to the bitch's husband.

Julie Morales
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Joined: Nov 27 2009

Sounds like a meeting of the He-Man Woman Haters Club in here.

I sure hope none of you are married.

Now go grunt and crush beer cans on your heads.

DICKIE's picture
Joined: May 22 2009

Well ya know Julie......WE are all perfect...don't ya know....!!

George Richardson
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Joined: Jun 6 2012

Without taking sides I can say there is no cheating Bastard or Bitch worth dying for.
A random stranger, maybe. A cheating Bitch or Bastard, no way. Jesus might feel differently but I don't.

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