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Woman drives car into Wal-Mart

An unidentified woman was taken to UMMC after driving her vehicle into Wal-Mart late this morning, according to WBTA.

The woman was apparently the only person injured, after her car smashed into the vestibule.

WBTA posted an audio interview with an eyewitness.

Sheriff's deputies told WBTA that the woman may have become confused the gas pedal and brake pedal of her car.

WBTA has posted a picture from the scene.

Gabor Deutsch
GeeDaveDee's picture
Joined: May 24 2008
I know WalMart is a supercenter store but they dont have a drive thru, yet....Good idea though....
Beth Kinsley
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Joined: Aug 22 2008
Hah. Good one. I remember working in a building in downtown LeRoy and a woman drove right through the front window. Same thing - hit the gas instead of the brake. It happened to me when I was learning how to drive. Rear ended a parked car. It was years before I could get behind the wheel again.
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