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Wanted: Deborah Compton


The Sheriff's Office is looking for assistance in locating Deborah Compton. Compton is wanted on a warrant on charges of resisting arrest and promoting prison contraband. Compton has reportedly failed to appear for court appearances on the charges after posting bail.

UPDATE: Some additional info has come through. Compton is 53. Last known address, 6542 Swamp Road, Byron. In March, she was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation. She allegedly resisted arrest at that time. When she was booked into jail on those charges, she was allegedly found in possession of marijuana. She allegedly failed to appear for her next court appearance on those charges and was arrested in May. She has subsequently allegedly failed to make her next court appearance.

Gary Spencer
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Joined: Feb 18 2009
Jeremiah Pedro
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Joined: Feb 17 2010
How do you "allegedly" fail to miss a court appearance? You either showed up for your court appearance or you failed to show up.
Gabor Deutsch
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Joined: May 24 2008
Gary, I doubt she was raised in the "CPT". She might be a "strawberry" or a "school yard glucker" though (LOL).
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