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Margarita's gets more blogger kudos

Recently, we did a post in praise of Margarita's carne sada tacos.

Today, we come across the blog post of a traveler who stopped in Batavia and found herself at Margarita's.

So you look through the list, and you think about a few things. You think about the fact that you're wearing your Patriots jersey still, and whether or not you want to walk into a sports bar in New York. You think about the notion that your husband is from Dublin, and whether or not you want to know what an Upstate Irish Pub might turn out to look like. You think about whether you ever, ever, ever again want to eat at Applebee's.

Then you take a deep breath, and you go to Margarita's.

And do you know where it turns out you can get the best Mexican food north of the Rio Grande?

Batavia, New York.

Who would'a thunk it?

Well, I'm not sure I'd go that far.  There's a lot of land immediately north of the Rio Grande and it's well populated with Mexicans.  Though, Margarita's darn good and we'll probably have our launch party there Thursday.


Erin Ellia
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Joined: Apr 28 2008
Hey! That was me. And yes, "the best north of the Rio Grande" is a bit hyperbolic, granted. You gotta cut a writer chick some slack. I should have said "the best Mexican food I'VE HAD north of the RG." I mean, it's not like I've eaten at ALL the Mexican restaurants in the US of A. We stopped in Batavia on our way cross-country (from Sacramento to Boston), and we'd been accidentally eating Mexican almost the entire way. (Incidentally: when I told my husband we'd been eating Mexican the whole way, he asked me: "Did he wriggle?" So you see what kind of fool you're dealing with.) Margarita's was definitely the most authentic Mexican food that my One Friend and I had on this trip. And One fFiend was raised in New Mexico. So it's not like we're comparing it to Taco Bell. www.thehouseandi.com
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