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Corfu and Darien may get some federal aid for tornado damage after all

There may be some federal relief coming to Corfu and Darien for tornado damage clean up after all, according to Assemblyman Steve Hawley.

Hawley announced this morning that the Genesee County communities will be included in an omnibus relief rquest to the Federal Inspection Team along with other counties recently damaged by severe weather events.

Federal relief requirements mandate that eligible areas damaged by storms must have at least 25 uninsured houses, or five damaged businesses, among other guidelines, which means Darien and Corfu alone may not qualify.

The single relief package would include Cattaraugus, Erie, Chautauqua & Allegheny counties, also hit by heavy storms recently, and Columbia, Rensaleer, Cortland and Chenango counties, which also suffered storm-related damage.

"We will continue to keep all residents and businesses who were adversely 
affected apprised of the progress regarding possible monetary assistance as a 
result of these catastrophic weather patterns of destruction," Hawley said in a statement.

Peter O'Brien
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Joined: Mar 4 2009
So if you don't do the right thing and insure your home, you can get my money? So not only do I insure my house but through the federal government I insure everyone else's too?

When does it stop?????

Mai Knaym
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Joined: Jun 25 2009
It is to my knowledge that folks out in that area can not get 'tornado insurance' with their coverage because they do not offer it where there is such a low chance of tornados or tornado activity. It is like a 1% or less chance of a tornado in that area, which is why they are not able to get it. Sort of like flood insurance. If you do not live in a flood zone, you are not required to have it. But, in this case, they just don't offer it to homeowners. How about blizzard insurance? Did the homeowners who suffered through the blizzard of 1977 have insurance to cover the damage from that storm? Maybe this is a story that Howard should look more in to... why they don't offer insurance to certain areas just based on 'chance'. If I could get all types of insurance for my home, I sure would. I tend to always be in that less than 1%... that's just my life story. LOL! :) You just never know what type of weather or disaster will occur and what damage will result from it. Just be thankful that it wasn't your property and help those who need to pick up from the storm.
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