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Sheep create traffic hazard on Galloway Road, other critters roam about

Four-legged critters had the Town of Batavia's public works department scurrying around Monday morning.

First there was the passel of sheep munching on trash in the front yard of a house at 2905 Galloway Road, creating a bit of a traffic hazard.

A dozen sheep and a lamb were spotted chomping garbage shortly after 10 this morning. A cow mooed encouragement from the back yard. Forty-five minutes later only crumbs remained.

A public works employee for the Town of Batavia showed up and said the foragers lived behind the two-story white house and had gotten out of the pen again. Usually the owner's home to round them up, the worker said.

The commotion caused the sheep to mosey away from the road and head toward the rear of the property.

A Sheriff's deputy arrived. They reported shortly thereafter that the wooly ones were shooed into their pen, which was then jerryrigged to stay shut. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, a skunk was lolling about in a park tennis court. On the scanner, authorities considered how best to remove it. One suggested shooting it. Another said it would be saved for lunch, prompting another to recommend roasting the skunk. None of the options were exercised.

The next critter call was about dogs in the road someplace, hampering traffic.

Gabor Deutsch
GeeDaveDee's picture
Joined: May 24 2008
where are pe'pe la pew and little bo peep when u really need them.
Lincoln DeCoursey
decourl's picture
Joined: Nov 5 2008
If Batavia were to consolidate, could it still be called a city?
John Roach
John Roach's picture
Joined: May 29 2008
Lincoln, If there was a merger between the Town and the City, it can be called a city. If there is no merger, the city could just give up its Charter and become part of the Town. Or, it could give up its Charter and become a village.
Karen Miconi
gladisc1's picture
Joined: Feb 5 2009
Lets just hire a Mayor for Batavia.
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