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Friday, October 11, 2013 at 6:43 pm

Caller says dog on Bacon Street in Le Roy trying to jump from house window

post by Billie Owens in Le Roy, pets

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. A canine who lives at 24 Bacon St. in Le Roy thought the time was ripe to make his great escape only moments ago. Everything seemed to be lining up in his or her favor. And so the dog tried to jump from a second-story window onto the porch below, then ostensibly freedom beyond. But an astute neighbor may have foiled the plan by calling dispatch and alerting law enforcement. A police officer is responding.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 4:17 pm

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Friday, October 11, 2013 at 4:04 pm

Hunter reports suspicious campers in Le Roy, but no criminal activity found

post by Howard Owens in Le Roy

A group of twentysomthing campers out in the woods of Le Roy on a fine fall afternoon got an unexpected visit from K-9 "Pharoah" today.

A hunter in the area had reported suspicious activity and five people with a tent in the woods.

There was also a car in the area that didn't have matching plates. The area was also the same area where some marijuana cultivation took place a few years ago. There had also been some burglaries in Pavilion this week and the car matched a vehicle that had been spotted in the area.

The campers were not as easy to find as the initial caller said they would be, but with all of these unconnected dots, Pharoah was called in to assist Le Roy PD in locating the group of people.

It turned out to be nothing more than three -- not five -- young people having set up an overnight camp out in the woods. 

When they were finally located there was no indication of any illegal activity at the campsite (which was north of Wright Avenue and West of Lake Street). There are also no clear property markers, so it wasn't even clear they were on private property (the village owns a one-acre triangle of land in the area).

The three people, whom Deputy Brian Thompson (above with Pharoah) described as very cooperative, were sent on their way with no charges filed.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 1:47 pm


post by Katie Elia in abondonment, lost kitten

A few days ago we witnessed a young kitten being dropped from the window of a dark SUV/cherokee type vehicle. It was dark so we did not get plates. It was left at Centennial park. The kitten appears to be about 10 to 12 weeks old. He is white with black, "cow like" spots. He has a sweet temperment and appears cared for prior to abandonment. The shelter is full. We would love to keep him however we have 2 cats with a shepard who are not enjoying him. If anyone has info regarding the drop off please contact me.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 12:48 pm

Investigators looking for two white males believed have shot video cameras in park in Stafford

post by Howard Owens in crime, Stafford

The Sheriff's Office is looking for whomever damaged three cameras at Emery Park in Stafford this (Correction from the Sheriff's Office: Thursday) morning by shooting the cameras with a BB or pellet gun.

The cameras and the surrounding area of the shelter were damaged.

The two suspects are believed to be white males in their early 20s. Photos should be available for publication later today.

Anyone with tips for investigators can contact the Sheriff's Office at (585) 343-5000.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 12:36 pm

Alexander man accused of stealing copper in Wyoming County

post by Howard Owens in alexander, crime

A Town of Alexander resident is being accused of scrap metal thefts in the Town of Orangeville, Wyoming County.

Todd C. Arnold, 44, of 4272 Broadway Road, Alexander, is charged with two counts of grand larceny, 3rd, and one count of criminal mischief, 2nd.

Arnold is accused of stealing copper from the Town of Orangeville Windmill Power Station.

The investigation into the alleged theft was conducted by Acting Sheriff Greg Rudolph, Forensic Technician Deputy Steve Miller, Deputy Katie George, Deputy Miachel Bentham, Attica Patrolman Brian Marsceill, Gensee County Sheriff's Sgt. Ron Meides and Investigator Bill Ferrando.

Following arraignment in the Town of Orangeville, Arnold was returned to the Genesee County Jail, where he is being held on unrelated matters. Bail on the Wyoming County case was set at $150,000.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 11:44 am

County reminds residents to make use of the ProAct Prescription Discount Card

post by Billie Owens in genesee county

Press release:

In January 2001, Genesee County launched the ProAct Prescription Discount Card for its residents. By partnering with ProAct, Genesee County is one of the many counties across the country that has been able to provide its residents -- regardless of age or income -- affordable access to prescription medications. Every prescription receives a discount, including some pet medications.

When visiting the pharmacy, simply show the pharmacist/pharmacist technician the discount card and you can anticipate saving an average of 10-20 percent off name-brand medications and 20-70 percent off generic medications. Resident can visit the discount card Web site at www.NYRxDiscountCard.com to locate the nearest participating pharmacy as well as check the cost of their medications.

"This discount card provides every resident who uses it, regardless of age or income, the opportunity to save on prescriptions medications," said Mary Pat Hancock, chair of the Genesee County Legislature. "We encourage every resident to keep their card on hand and to take advantage of the money-saving program whenever possible."

Residents of Genesee County utilized the discount card to fill more than 26,000 prescriptions and collectively saved more than $1 million since the start of the program. The ProAct Prescription Discount Card Program is completely free for the county and residents. Discount cards have been provided to county offices including the Department of Social Services, the Health Department, the County Office Building and to all participating pharmacies.

To acquire a discount card or if your card has been lost, please visit one of the above referenced locations or if you have access to the Internet, with a few simple clicks you may print a Genesee County card at www.NYRxDiscountCard.com

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 11:24 am

Sheriff's Office seeks owner of black and red 2011 Kandi ATV/dune buggy found near Le Roy Country Club

post by Billie Owens in Le Roy

Press release:

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office received a report last evening from the Le Roy Country Club that a golfer had found a dune buggy in the weeds off hole #3 with the keys in it. Deputies recovered a two-seat, black and red, 2011 Kandi 150cc ATV/dune buggy in excellent condition however, it would not start. The location was near railroad tracks that run through the area. At this time the owner is unknown. Anyone having information as to the owner is asked to call the Genesee County Sheriff's Office at 585-343-5000.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 10:03 am

Person calls City Police to beef about shopper's expired inspection sticker

post by Billie Owens in batavia

City police are in the parking lot by JCPenney, tasked with locating a 2008 black vehicle out of compliance with the law. "Our caller feels the need to inform us that (it) has an expired inspection sticker," says the dispatcher.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 9:38 am

Locally grown produce helps fill community food pantries

post by Bonnie Marrocco in agriculture, bergen, charity

Fifteen years ago longtime Le Roy resident Stu Freeman noticed that leftover potatoes were sitting in fields rotting after harvest season, so he got farmers in the community to allow him to glean the vegetable to donate to local food pantries. That year he brought about 300 pounds of potatoes in and he's been doing it every year since.

Since then the "Potato Man" as he is affectionately known, has also gotten farmers to donate cabbage, carrots, onion and butternut squash. So much so that he couldn't keep up with the demand.

Two years ago he recruited members of his congregation, Bergen First Presbyterian Church, to assist. They regularly gather, sort, wash, pack and deliver fresh produce to food pantries every two weeks throughout the fall and winter. Last year they delivered more than 15,000 pounds to The Salvation Army and Community Action in Batavia, as well as Go Christian Church in Churchville.

Congregation member Kelsey Hill got involved and she is grateful for the opportunity to live out her faith in a practical way.

"I rounded up high school kids from the Sunday school class that I was co-teaching and we volunteered together," Hill said. "I was excited for the opportunity to show the students that faith isn't just something to talk about on Sunday mornings, but something to live out every day."

There are about 10 area farmers who participate. Although the farmers are committed to helping, they prefer to remain anonymous. The Batavian agreed not to print their names or the names of their farms.

Besides food, Freeman also collects coats and shoes for The Salvation Army in Batavia, Open Door Mission in Rochester and Teen Challenge in Buffalo. In the past three years, he has brought them hundreds of both, with help from his church and community.

He is an extremely humble man who is hesitant to talk about himself or his accomplishments, but having come from a family of 10 children, he knows how hard it is to make ends meet.

"I've done what the good Lord has put in my heart to do," Freeman said. "I don't want praise or publicity, I just want other people to get involved by donating food to the hungry. One church can't do it all."

Hill also encourages individuals, families and churches to give food or money to charities for families in need.

"We could also use more hands to wash and dry vegetables this Saturday and it's open to whomever would like to help," Hill said

Among those extra hands will be the Byron-Bergen Soccer team.

The next "Potato Wash" will be held 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday at First Presbyterian Church of Bergen, 38 S. Lake Ave., Bergen.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 9:27 am

Law and Order: Two people accused of shoplifting at Walmart

post by Howard Owens in batavia, crime

Emisha Marie Milton, 19, of Thurston Road, Rochester, is charged with petit larceny. Milton is accused of shoplifting at Walmart.

Jacob Lamar Jenkins, 32, of Manitou Road, Rochester, is charged with petit larceny. Jenkins is accused of shoplifting at Walmart.

Christopher Brian King, 22, of Pearl Street Road, Batavia, is charged with aggravated harassment, 2nd. King is accused of contacting a person by phone after being told not to contact that person.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 9:04 am

Drug Task Force arrests Dellinger Avenue resident on drug dealing charge

post by Howard Owens in batavia, crime

A Dellinger Avenue resident has been arrested and accused of dealing crack cocaine.

Amanda J. Slack, 26, is charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance, 3rd, and criminal possession of a controlled substance, 3rd, following a nine-month investigation by the Local Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Slack is accused of selling a quantity of crack to an undercover agent.

A grand jury issued a sealed indictment and Slack was arrested yesterday and jailed on $10,000 bail.

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 8:42 am

Notre Dame girls beat Lyndonville 3-0 in soccer

post by Howard Owens in high school sports, Notre Dame, soccer, sports

Photos and information provided by Pete Welker.

In girls soccer, Notre Dame beat Lyndoville yesterday, 3-0. Seventh-grader Callie McCulley scored her first goal and Bailee Welker had two goals to lead ND to victory. McCulley and Taylor Perzia both had assists in the game.

Top photo: Taylor Perzia.

McCulley is congratulated by teammates on her first goal.

Bailee Welker

Hannah Bowen

Hannah Green

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 8:13 am

Driver trapped, but minor injuries in accident at Akron Road and Tesnow Road

post by Howard Owens in indian falls, pembroke

A motor-vehicle accident with minor injuries has been reported at Akron Road and Tesnow Road, Pembroke.

A victim is trapped in a vehicle, however.

Pembroke fire and Indian Falls fire and Mercy EMS dispatched.

Akron's fire department put on standby in case personnel are needed to assist with extrication.

UPDATE: The patient is out of the vehicle. There is a gas leak.

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 11:55 pm

Apartment resident treated for smoke inhalation after pot left burning on a stove

post by Howard Owens in fire, Le Roy

A person was treated for apparent smoke inhalation after a pot was reportedly left on a stove burner in an apartment at 18 Genesee St., Le Roy.

Le Roy Fire Department responded to the call after an alarm sounded in the apartment building. With a hallway seeming to fill with more smoke, and no immediate cause of the smoke yet discovered, a chief asked dispatchers to upgrade the call to a structure fire.

Bergen and Pavilion fire companies were dispatched.

Within seconds, a resident apparently emerged and reported the pot on fire, but said she had put the fire out.

Once it was confirmed that the fire was out, the second alarm was cancelled.

The resident was treated by Le Roy ambulance medics and Le Roy fire ventilated the apartment.

Le Roy fire is now back in service.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Photo: Tree and car on Chick Road, Darien

post by Howard Owens in Chick Road, Darien

On a beautiful day, my day was lining up beautifully for me to have time in the late afternoon to go around looking for pictures to make.

Then we had the traffic snafu on Oak Street, so I got out and about some 45 minutes later than would be ideal.

All I came up with was this shot on Chick Road, Darien, which apparently, I've never been down before because I'd never before seen this car planted around a tree.

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 6:43 pm

Car wreck on westbound Thruway, Le Roy responding

post by Billie Owens in accidents, Le Roy

An accident is reported on the westbound Thruway at mile marker 384.4. Le Roy fire and ambulance are responding. Injuries are said to be minor. Traffic is backing up. "Sounds like a truck was stopped on the shoulder of the road and a vehicle may have rear-ended it," says a dispatcher.

UPDATE 6:47 p.m.: A responder says one passenger is "sitting up but is disoriented."

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 6:15 pm

Car crash at Town Line and South Lake roads, Bergen

post by Billie Owens in accident, bergen

A two-car accident, with one person complaining of abdominal pain, is reported at Town Line Road and South Lake Road in Bergen. It is blocking traffic. Mercy and Bergen ambulances and Bergen fire are responding. Two others in the accident are minors and need to be evaluated.

UPDATE 6:45 p.m.: About 15 minutes ago, Bergen ambulance transported one patient to South Lake Hospital in Brockport.

UPDATE 7:10 p.m.: Medics are back in service with two sign offs.

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 4:54 pm

After a 31-year break, corrections officer will go back to being a diesel mechanic

post by Howard Owens in batavia

Usually, a second career is something you do later in life. For Richard Calkins the second career came first and now it's time to go back to his first career.

Today was Calkins worked his final shift as a senior corrections officer in the Genesee County Jail.

"I enjoyed everything that happened, but I'm going back to my original profession," Calkins said. Even though it might be 31 years late, I'm going back to what I originally went to school for."

Calkins is going to become, once again, a diesel mechanic.

After mechanic school in Ohio, Calkins moved to Kentucky to start his career, but family circumstances brought him back to Batavia.

Sgt. Bill Scott and the late Dick Dietzman helped Calkins get his first job with the Sheriff's Office, as a part-time animal control officer. He started Nov. 11, 1982. In 1983, he transferred to the jail and was promoted to senior corrections officer in 1987.

Sheriff Gary Maha praised Calkins in a statement for his dedication to his job and willingness to take on additional tasks, such as contributing to jail renovation and maintaining the jail's records. During his career, Calkins received three commendation awards and a meritorious award for continuous service.

“Senior Correction Officer Calkins has been a valued employee for 30 years with the Sheriff’s Office and everyone here wishes him all the best for his future,” Maha said.

It was a challenge sometimes, Calkins said, dealing with some of the people who come through the jail, but it was also a rewarding job.

"It was something where you always think you could make a difference in somebody's life and you strive to make a difference in people's lives," Calkins said.

He said he couldn't thank enough Scott and Dietzman for opening the door to him for his second career. Now to begin the first.

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