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Water main repair in front of John Kennedy School today

Press release:

The City Water Department will be making a water main repair in front of John Kennedy School today. This may result in a water service interruption on Vine Street (between North Street and Bank Street) and Evergreen Drive (between Vine Street and North Spruce Street). Water will not be turned off before John Kennedy School dismissal at 11:30 a.m. so school will not be affected.

UPDATE 2:38 p.m.: The main has been repaired.

Brian Odachowski
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Joined: May 30 2009

Yes, great planning, once again, by the City of Batavia. That water main has been leaking for the LAST WEEK, and they pick today, just BEFORE the early dismissal at 11:30, to begin working on it. The city work crew had the exit of the main parking lot blocked off at 11:00 a.m. and had their jackhammer in the street before school was dismissed. In doing so, this caused Vine Street to be closed down to one lane and forced the school to redirect exiting traffic through the entrance lane. Anyone who has driven by John Kennedy at dismissal time can tell you that, even on a good day, the traffic in and out of that main lot is controlled chaos! I want to thank Paul Kesler, the principal of John Kennedy School, for standing in the parking lot, directing traffic and taking the brunt of parent's frustration! To the City of Batavia, I want to remind you of the "Seven P's" - Prior proper planning prevents poor performance. And yes, I purposely omitted one of the "P's".

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