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UPDATED: Owner seeks tortoise lost last night in Brooklyn Avenue / South Main Street area of city

Christine Lamkin lost her pet tortoise last night in the area of Brooklyn Avenue and South Main Street.

"His name is Nikko," says Christine. "He has a girlfriend that looks just like him and her name is Shelby. They were getting ready to mate. For the last five years, we've put them out on our deck to get some exercise in the summer months. We are confident that he slipped off the deck and wandered away. He has such a huge personality...we are truly heartbroken."

The tortoise is about 8 inches long and 6 inches wide. The shell is black with yellow spots. Head and limbs have faint orange areas.

Christine says "the tortoise needs special and precise care in order to survive as it is a tropical tortoise." Offering reward for safe return.

If found, please call Christine at 585.409.0909 or e-mail her at <[email protected]>

UPDATE: Christine says: "WE HAVE NIKKO BACK! A neighbor across the street spotted him in her back yard (Friday) walking around about 5:20 p.m. and immediately called me. Thank goodness in looking for him all last night we put the word out to neighbors on our street. Boy are we lucky! ...Thanks...BIG LESSON LEARNED!"

(We bet Shelby is pleased as well...)

Brett DeKruger
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Joined: Nov 27 2012


Lorie Cook
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Joined: Jun 26 2009

Brett you are evil. LOL.

Julie Morales
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Joined: Nov 27 2009

Maybe Nikko was suffering from performance anxiety or playing hard to get.

Try some Barry White. :]

Jeff Allen
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Joined: Jun 5 2009

We have a tortoise in our house who loves to roam around in the yard and eat right out of the garden. Best way to keep track of them is by tying a helium balloon to them., you'll always know right where the little squirt is.

Kyle Couchman
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Joined: Dec 25 2009

a good temorary way to control their roaming is to get dowel rods and drive them into the grass and such with not enough room for them to get their shells through. Doing this with natural obstacles will allow some peace of mind while they are outside...

Cheryl Wilmet
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Joined: Dec 10 2011

This reminds me of the turtle my daughter owned a few years back. It passed away shortly before Easter so we just had to buy her a chocolate turtle for her Easter basket. She was not impressed and did not think it was one bit funny. Her dad and I did!

Christine Lamkin
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Joined: May 2 2012

That's an AWESOME idea!!! Will definitely try.....THANKS Smile))

Christine Lamkin
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Joined: May 2 2012

That's a great idea! Thank you!

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