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UMMC urges public to drop off needles, syringes and lancets for proper disposal

Press release:

Needles, syringes, and lancets (sharps) used in the home setting provide the potential for disease transmission if not managed properly. In an effort to address the safe disposal of these sharps, they may be dropped off at specific United Memorial service areas for proper disposal.

Waste accepted as part of the Household Sharps Program is specific to that generated as a result of self-maintenance programs involving the delivery of injectable medication and includes needles, syringes and lancets only.

All sharps brought to United Memorial for disposal are to be in a container that is rigid, puncture resistant, shatterproof, leak proof, and secured with a screw top. An old detergent bottle is ideal. It should be labeled “Biohazard-Sharps” with a black permanent marker. Containers which are judged to not provide protection against needle-stick injuries cannot be considered as adequate for the purposes of this program and personnel at collection sites will not accept them.

Properly contained sharps will be accepted at the UMMC Laboratory at the hospital, located on the first floor, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The hospital is located at 127 North St. in the City of Batavia.

Properly contained sharps will also be accepted during routine hours of operation at the Jerome Center Outpatient Lab at 16 Bank St., Batavia; Le Roy Diagnostics, 3 Tountas Ave., Le Roy; and Pembroke Diagnostics, 860 Main St. Road, Corfu.


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