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Six guys hanging out behind pizzeria creating a suspicious condition

Now about six males are reportedly hanging out behind Batavia's Original Pizzeria, "suspicious activity." City police are responding to the location, 500 E. Main St.

UPDATE 7:31 p.m.: Police have cleared the scene.

Tim Miller
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Joined: Jun 20 2010

Wow - they must have really wanted those two slices with pepperoni!

curtis jackson
thetruth14125's picture
Joined: Nov 24 2013

not at all tim I can tell you exactly what it was....I bet they were men of color genesee county is really racists...they love to sterotype people.that is the truth!

Kyle Couchman
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Joined: Dec 25 2009

Curtis? Were you there? Do you realize the hypocrisy in your statement. You stereotyped genesee county by calling everyone racists. Making your own statement racist as well. Both this incident and the fight earlier in the day/week were both groups of mixed races. I saw this group as I had to walk by on my way home from 7/11. They didn't look to menacing to me.

Racism will not go away as everyone is prejudicial it's an instinct that protected us since before civilization. We have several of those "instincts" surviving today. Matrixing which is seeing faces in chaotic patterns. As well as awareness while sleeping, ever wake up just before your alarm is set? Or wake up from sleep or nap for an unexplained reason to have someone tell you that there was a strange noise in the house? These are just a few holdovers. It doesn't excuse racism but it does explain why it is so hard to eliminate. The day we see kids stop ganging up and picking on each other over little differences. Thats the generation that will have the hope of eliminating racism.

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