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Several vehicles with smashed windows and stolen valuables reported on Bank Street Road

At least 10 vehicles were broken into this evening on Bank Street Road at the Batavia Sports Park. The victims of these "smash-and-grab" crimes are missing purses, wallets, jewelry, credit cards and more.

Mostly, side windows were smashed, but one vehicle had a rear window smashed.

The crimes were reported by an off-duty deputy. State Troopers are on scene now.

Although soccer and kickball games were under way at the park, no witnesses have been found.

In addition to these crimes, it is reported that overnight on the city's Southside, at least four criminal mischief complaints resulted from vehicle break-ins.

For tips that may aid in the investigation, State Police can be reached at (585) 344-6200.

UPDATE 9:45 p.m.: Using mobile phone tracking technology, State Police were able to locate three bags of purses in a dumpster at a hotel in Clarence off the Thruway. No suspects found.

david spaulding
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Joined: Sep 12 2011

meanwhile a 19 year old has been arrested for possession of marijuana residue.

joseph bradt
bradt911's picture
Joined: Aug 10 2008

It will involve a lot of sorting through license plates and video/photos, but hopefully the cameras at the Batavia toll booth can help in some way.

Brian Graz
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Joined: Sep 18 2010

As I said in another post, the decline and decadence in the city of Batavia is out of control. The answer is not in more police and more laws, but with the people. We all need to become more vigilant and aware and prepared to defend our selves and our property. The police can only do so much. They can't be everywhere all the time and neither should we even want that. They need our help.


tom hunt
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Joined: Jan 31 2009

Big City crime comes to Batavia.

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