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Second annual Traditional Marital Arts Tournament set for Sept. 27 in BHS gym

Press release:

The 2nd Annual Traditional Martial Arts Association Tournament will be held at the Batavia High School Gym Saturday, Sept. 27th with eliminations starting at 10 a.m.

The Tournament will consist of Sparring (point fighting), Individual Kata (forms), Team Kata, Weapons Kata, Self Defense, and MMA Grappling.

Tournament organizers are Soke William Cavalier (Livonia Tatsu Do School), Hanshi Dick Borrell (Borrell’s Karate Academy, Batavia), and Renshi Fred Merica (Le Roy Karate & Self Defense Center). All three have been close associates and tournament/ clinic organizers for the past 35 years.

John Ferrar from Bedroc MMA in Rochester will be sponsoring the MMA Grappling portion of the tournament. John also teaches classes at Main Street Fitness in Le Roy.

Ages of competitors will start as young as 4 years old with no age limit. We have had competitors in the past well into their 70s. Divisions are broken down by skill level and age.

Spectators are welcome at $5 each and students at $4 each.

To see a flier go to www.fitness-martialarts.com and click the link at top of page “September 2014 TMAA Tournament - Download Flyer” or call 585-414-3181.

Anyone interested to help be a scorekeeper please call 585-414-3181 for more information; minimum age -- 15 years old.

Tournament sponsors are:

  • Northwoods Sporting Club / Le Roy
  • Scofield Rolloff Service/ Stafford
  • Ron and Sue Odessa/ Batavia
  • Chapin Manufacturing/ Batavia
  • LB Grand/ Le Roy
  • Sport of Kings Restaurant/ Batavia
  • Got To Go Electric/ Le Roy
  • Don Cameron/ Le Roy
  • Shepard Maxwell & Hale/ Batavia
  • Radley’s Auto/ Corfu
  • Le Roy Karate & Self Defense Center/ Le Roy
  • Borrell’s Karate Academy/ Batavia
  • Livonia Tatsu Do Karate/ Livonia
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