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Is that a chihuahua sleeping in the road? Yes, in fact, it is.

Drivers beware -- a chihuahua likes to take his siestas in the middle of the road in Bethany. At 4596 Brown Road or close by it. This member of the toy breed must think he's the King of the Road or something.

"(According to the caller) This has been an ongoing thing where the animal will sleep in the roadway and then run away when a vehicle approaches. But the animal is hard to see and he's afraid it's going to get struck," says the dispatcher.

A Sheriff's deputy and/or an animal control officer is responding.

UPDATE 1:24 p.m.: An officer located the drowsy little brown dog and took it home, to 4586 Brown Road. No one was home so he left his business card.

Julia Matusak
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Joined: Mar 24 2009

Why arent the owners being charged with animal neglect/cruelty? What kind of irresponsible pet owner allows an animal of any size to roam freely into roadways or other property endangering its life and well being? Does the little dog have access to food/water? this owner obviously doesnt care for the pet! And where did the deputy leave the dog if no one was home? Did he put it on a leash or inside the home? Unbelievable he didnt take the dog to the shelter where at least it would be safe!

Irene Will
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Joined: Feb 2 2009

I'm guessing he DID take the dog to the shelter - - it didn't say he LEFT the DOG at the house - - he left his BUSINESS card.

Doug Yeomans
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Joined: Feb 13 2009

The report says that the officer took the dog home. Julia, seriously? You want the dog owner to be charged? My three cats have a pet door and they can come and go as they please. Their food and water is inside the house but they love being outside. I sure wouldn't want to be charged with some kind of crime because my cats are outside. They're all neutered and/or spayed and have their claws. I even have a cat that's totally blind and he (Chunk) freely roams the 3 acres of lawn (He's all black and I've been calling him Ray Charles, as of late). I wouldn't deny him that last bit of pleasure he enjoys.

Jason Crater
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Joined: Aug 25 2009

I heard the dog is an undocumented worker and is now in the process of being deported.

scott williams
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Joined: Oct 1 2009

Its the country maybe the caller could have left a note at the house and let the authority's tend to something a little more important. By the way it's a trait of Chihuahua's to seek a hot spot in the sun to lay on. This is a local traffic only road not heavily traveled and the owners are animal lovers and had no idea the dog was going out in the road to do this. Lets try and be a little more neighborly and leave a note next time...

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