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Black bear seen 'traversing the City of Batavia' in the wee hours

"A black bear was seen traversing the City of Batavia during the late and and early morning hours this morning," according to a press release from City Police.

The bear was described as a juvenile to young adult. It was first seen in the area of North and Summit street around 1 a.m. A second sighting was near 21 Summit St. Police officers observed the bear moments after the reported second sighting near 11 Summit St.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation was notified and dispatched an officer to the scene. The bear was tracked as it exited the City in the area of Chestnut Street around 5 a.m.

Although it rarely happens in the City of Batavia, bears have been known to travel through Western New York as they migrate south this time of year. The public should be aware of this and never try to approach the animal but report sightings to the police.

Bears will stop and feed at bird feeders or uncontained garbage, so it is a good idea to keep garbage contained and waste around the bottom of bird feeders clear of debris.

Jason Crater
Jason C's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2009

ugh. why must you point out that he's black?

Joshua Pacino
jpacino's picture
Joined: Aug 1 2009

Lock up your pic-a-nic baskets!

Brenda Gill
1902manhattan's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2008

That explains neighborhood dogs carrying on late last night. I just assumed it was skunks or a raccoon setting them off. No Lyons or Tigers, right ?

Phyllis Seager
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Joined: Feb 13 2014

I wonder if it is the same bear or a different one that has been sighted in Greece and Hilton over the last week.

Jason Crater
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Joined: Aug 25 2009

Good point Billie. Have you seen that new show on Discovery? Kodiak bears are mean.

curtis jackson
thetruth14125's picture
Joined: Nov 24 2013

Wow lol

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