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Architect to present plans for Le Roy's Wiss Hotel

Press release:

The Le Roy Main Street Committee will sponsor a presentation by architect Rick Hauser on a proposal to purchase the Wiss Hotel from the village. The plans include several commercial facilities and five residential apartments at the site.

The presentation will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29, at the Village Hall. The public is invited. The Village Hall is located at 3 W. Main St.

Gerald Robinson
Jerry Robinson's picture
Joined: May 19 2010

What does the village have to gain by giving a zero interest loan to purchase the Wiss? On top of that they want to apply for a PILOT and their estimating over $34,000 in profit, seams like they could afford a little interest? If the village is in the business of loaning money tax free does that mean we will be loaning other local businesses money tax free. The Creekside is half complete maybe we could loan them some cash to finish that. What happens if this company goes belly up, do we then have to manage this company? I realize this is an eye soar but, their are plenty of eye soars around town will we then be loaning those places money interest free? Do we know any names of the people involved in this?

Howard B. Owens
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Joined: Apr 23 2008

Would you rather the village just spend the money on demolition and then have nothing to show for it except a vacant lot and no hope of recovering the expense?

Christina Marinaccio
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Joined: Mar 8 2010

That intersection is a nightmare. If the building was torn down then there would be the possibility of expanding the road so tractor trailers could make the turn without driving over the side walk or crossing into oncoming traffic. The remaining vacant lot could be used for parking for the existing businesses on Main street.

bud prevost
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Joined: Jan 11 2009

I have to agree with Christina about the width of that intersection. It would be a good idea to expand it. If plans are to renovate the building, are there any issues with the environmental problems on that corner? Namely, I recall some contamination problems from soil samples related to the old gas station adjacent to the Wiss.
I have many memories of the Wiss, most good, but I have to question the advisability of this proposal. I'd much rather see these mystery proposers collaborate with Bill Farmer, and get the Creekside back in business.

Tom Frew
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Joined: Nov 25 2009

I have a number of questions about this "plan":
1) Is this something the entire Board supports formally or is this being campaigned by a small minority of the Village Board.
2) I would like to know the entire Board's position on this and their position on loaning private enterprise the funds necessary to make this project move forward.
3) Do people really think there is a need for additional rental properties in LeRoy which is part of the plan I read.
4) Has anyone asked the Chief of Police his thoughts on additional rental properties in LeRoy? He's been quite open on that concept.

Hasn't the Village of LeRoy played enough times in the idea of exploration into free enterprise? Do the words Compost Facilty ring a bell? That was the village's last attempt to use village funds to explore private enterprise. It failed miserably. Let these people secure their own funding or demo and hope to recoup as much as possibly in sale of the land.

Subject to fixing the corner. Why wasn't that addressed when the opposite corner was torn up to create Walgreens? That was the time to deal with that problem.

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