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Monday, June 3, 2013 at 9:00 am

Potato chip fire reported at Baskin Livestock

post by Howard B. Owens in Bethany, fire

A potato chip fire is reported at Baskin Livestock, 9778 Creek Road, Bethany.

Baskin hauls in waste product from large bakery operations throughout the Northeast and converts it to cattle feed.

The fire is outside the structure.

Bethany fire is responding.

UPDATE 9:01 a.m.: The first is in a tractor-trailer. It's near a barn. A tanker out of Alexander and an engine from Town of Batavia requested to the scene.

UPDATE 9:11 a.m.: Fire is nearly out. Town of Batavia can respond non-emergency.

UPDATE 9:14 a.m.: A chief reports, "fire is out, just hot spots."

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 12:04 am

Working structure fire on Hutchinson Street in Pavilion

post by Billie Owens in bergen, Bethany, fire, Le Roy, Pavilion, Stafford

A working structure fire is reported on Hutchinson Street in Pavilion. Stafford, Bethany and Le Roy fire departments, along with York, are responding with Pavilion. Bergen is asked to fill in at the Le Roy Fire Hall. They are on the second floor at this point checking for extentions.

UPDATE 12:15 a.m.: The fire is pretty well knocked down. The exact address is 6918 Hutchinson St. Two Rochester & Southern trains scheduled to run by soon are asked to slow it down. National Grid is called to the scene along with Salvation Army, the latter to provide refreshments.

UPDATE 12:19 a.m.: Interior crew reports no sign of fire extension on second floor, "must be in the attic." They are opening up the roof to vent the structure. "We can find no way into the attic from the second floor." Command reminds tankers not to park on the railroad.

UPDATE 12:22 a.m.: The city's Fast Team is requested to the scene.

UPDATE 12:24 a.m.: No response from Salvation Army, calling the Pavilion Auxiliary instead. "We're exiting the building. There's nothing we can do up here," says the fire chief regarding the interior crew.

UPDATE 12:28 a.m.: They cut a hole in the ceiling and reported seeing nothing, but a thermal camera shows fire and heat "in the eaves in the eastside." Subsequenty, fire "self-venting through the roof." Interior crews are exiting the house. "There's nothing we can do up here." Initially, flames were seen shooting out the back of the three-story house.

UPDATE 12:33 a.m.: A Mercy rig was called in by fire command for a firefighter, unknown injuries, now a second rig is called for a second patient, told to go Route 19 to Route 63, past the Pavilion Bank.

UPDATE 12:36 a.m.: All crew members are accounted for and out of the structure. They are trying to cool the attic in order to get a crew back up in there.

UPDATE 12:39 a.m.: The American Red Cross will likely be needed to respond, says the chief. Howard, at the scene, reports a small terrier-type of dog came running out of the house and was scooped up by a firefighter and handed over to its owner.

UPDATE 12:46 a.m.: The train company is contacted and asked to stop the trains scheduled to pass through on Hutchinson Street.

UPDATE 1:03 a.m.: The power company is there now and has shut off power to the house.

UPDATE 3:44 a.m.: Pavilion leaving the scene, all units back in service.

Friday, May 17, 2013 at 8:08 am

Truck rollover accident with injuries on Broadway Road, Bethany

post by Billie Owens in accidents, Bethany, Pavilion

A one-vehicle rollover accident with injuries is reported at 5491 Broadway Road. Bethany Fire Department and Mercy medics are responding. The driver has "head and neck pain." The pickup truck's fuel spilled. One lane of traffic is blocked. The accident occurred "on the east side of the hill," near a "dip in the road where the viaduct is." Pavilion Fire Police are also called. A responder says it may be possible to have the other lane remain open.

UPDATE 8:16 a.m.: The vehicle involved is a four-wheel drive Ford F-250 with ag plates.

UPDATE 8:25 a.m.: They are alternating the traffic flow. A flatbed tow is called.

UPDATE 8:52 a.m.: Bethany assignment back in service.

Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Car crash with injuries on eastbound Thruway, Le Roy responding

post by Billie Owens in accidents, bergen, Bethany, byron, Darien, Le Roy, Stafford

A motor-vehicle accident with injuries is reported on the eastbound Thruway at mile marker 382.1. Le Roy Fire and Ambulance Service is responding.

UPDATE 2:59 p.m.: Due to the lack of available ambulances, Bergen's ambulance is requested to the scene. An ambulance from Caledonia is also called. A person at the scene reports three people are injured.

UPDATE 3:02 p.m.: The availability of Mercy Flight is checked. Also, an ambulance from Henrietta is called in.

UPDATE 3:07 p.m.: A responder reports there are six patients. A second ambulance out of Henrietta is requested. Mercy Flight out of Buffalo is available.

UPDATE 3:09 p.m.: Apparently Byron was also called, because Byron is requesting Clarendon is asked to stand by in Byron's fire hall.

UPDATE 3:11 p.m.: A Mercy rig has become available and it is asked to stage at the Thruway entrance.

UPDATE 3:17 p.m.: Bergen is taking a patient to Rochester General Hospital. Stafford is asked to stand by in its own quarters.

UPDATE 3:22 p.m.: Bethany's ambulance is requested. A crew from Darien is asked to assemble in quarters.

UPDATE 3:32 p.m.: A patient is being taken to Strong Memorial Hospital.

UPDATE 3:34 p.m.: A chief on scene reports five patients have been removed from a vehicle. Henrietta is taking a patient to Strong.

UPDATE 3:39 p.m.: Caledonia is taking a victim to Strong.

UPDATE 3:41 p.m.: Stafford is told to stand down from its standby in quarters.

UPDATE 3:48 p.m.: Le Roy fire is packing up and preparing to return to service and the State Troopers are in charge of the scene.

Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 7:04 pm

Shed fire reported on Ellicott Street Road, Stafford

post by Howard B. Owens in Bethany, fire, Stafford

A caller reports a shed fire off Ellicott Street Road near Paul Road.

The caller didn't have an exact address.

Stafford Fire Department is dispatched.

UPATE 7:05 p.m.: A chief arriving on scene reports heavy smoke in the area.

UPDATE 7:06 p.m.: A chief requests a second alarm for tankers.

UPDATE 7:10 p.m.: Bethany is responding.

UPDATE 8:07 p.m.: All units back in service.

Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 7:39 am

GCC students open landscape photography show at County Park's Interpretive Center

post by Howard B. Owens in Bethany, GCC, Genesee County Park, Interpretive Center

Press release:

A collaborative effort between Genesee Community College and the Genesee County Park and Forest is giving photography students a first of its kind opportunity. Their work will be displayed in an exhibit at the Park’s Interpretive Center, marking the first time a student exhibit has been shown in the newly expanded exhibit space.

An opening reception is set for Friday, May 10, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Genesee County Park and Forest Interpretive Center, 11095 Bethany Center Road, East Bethany. The public is invited. Refreshments will be provided.

For their final project, GCC Photography instructor Joe Ziolkowski had his COM 103 (Introduction to Black and White Photography) students explore the landscape of Genesee County and surrounding areas in Western New York. The black and white photographic prints the students created offer their interpretation of how we are preserving and how we are hurting the landscape that surrounds us.

“I think visitors will be as impressed as I am with the work these students created,” said Joe Z. “Sometimes we don’t realize how the things we do every day impact the landscape. We hope these photos give visitors a lot to think and talk about.”

The exhibit, entitled “Around the Bend: The Shared Landscape,” will be on view through Saturday, Aug. 31.

Photo: By Robert Garland, "Trestle, Avon, NY."

Sunday, May 5, 2013 at 7:38 pm

Ultra-light plane may have gone down off Putnam Road

post by Howard B. Owens in batavia, Bethany

Dispatchers have received a report of an ultra-light airplane going down in the area of 8956 Putnam Road, Batavia.

There's been only one call and the caller isn't sure where it went down.

Bethany fire is dispatched.

UPDATE 7:42 p.m.: The caller was about to call back when law enforcement arrived on scene. Since the initial call, the ultra-light has pass over head again. "He must be practicing stall techniques because the engine cut off and cut back on," the deputy said. Bethany fire is back in service.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013 at 12:56 pm

Brush fire reported on Transit Road, Bethany

post by Howard B. Owens in Bethany, fire

A brush fire is reported in the area of 10650 Transit Road, Bethany.

Bethany fire responding.

UPDATE 1:02 p.m.: It's a rough road in and the chief wants the truck driver to use caution to avoid damaging the truck. "The fire is pretty much contained," the chief says.

UPDATE 1:08 p.m.: A tanker from Pavilion requested to stage at the road in case needed.

UPDATE 2:01 p.m.: The fire was put out about 20-30 minutes ago and all units are back in service.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013 at 10:32 am

Grass fire reported at Lei-Ti Campground, Bethany

post by Howard B. Owens in Bethany, fire

A grass fire is reported near the pond at Lei-Ti Campground, 9979 Francis Road.

Bethany Fire is dispatched.

UPDATE 10:40 a.m.: Fire is out.

Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 6:07 pm

Photos from Genesee County, May 4, 2013

post by Howard B. Owens in batavia, alexander, Bethany, Darien, photos

If I'm out in the county driving around on a beautiful spring day, as I was to hit some of the spots on the GO ART! trail, then you know I'm going to make some photos.

Above, dandelions off Jericho Road, Bethany.

This GMC truck is always parked off Route 20 in Alexander, across the street at Ivy Lane Pottery.

At Ivy Lane Pottery.

In the field next to Sticks and Stones on Broadway, Darien Center.

I've published a photo of this barn on Route 20, Darien, before, but from the other side.

Barn at Route 20 and Smithley Road, Darien.

Spring trees off Walker Road, Darien.

Yellow magnolia in front of the Doty Mansion, Jackson Street, Batavia.

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