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Young writer from Pavilion pens her first novel

From the time Hannah Smart was 4 years old she was writing stories and making books with the help of her mother.

"She would sit down, draw pictures, and tell me what they were in sequence. I would then write the words," Renee Smart said. "We would then read them for bedtime stories."

A 10th-grader at Pavilion High School, Hannah began her science fiction novel "Corona" two years ago. Her goal has always been to publish the story from the beginning.

"I knew what the ending was going to be before writing the book," Hannah said. "It was easier this way. I know how the characters will then effect the plot line."

Her goal since she was eight was to write a book. She loves anything science fiction. The "X-Files" and "Star Trek Next Generation" television series are just two of her favorites.

After staying home sick from school one day, Hannah decided to watch "2001: A Space Odyssey" from beginning to end. She said this 1968 epic science fiction film motivated her to write "Corona."

"I thought of a bunch of ideas for characters after seeing the movie," she said.

Hannah's father, Ed Smart, who is an architect, said his daughter started out with imaginary friends as a child. She would construct stories around them.

"She has always been very self-motivated and driven," Ed said. "She approached this with advanced discipline for her age."

"We noticed a turning point in her a year ago," Renee said. "She was able to be more self-critical and acccept criticism. She was willing to change and edit things."  

After her manuscript was complete, Hannah shopped it around to a few publishing agents but was told you have to be published before they will even look at it. 

Hannah did not get discouraged.

She looked into self-publishing her book with Createspace.

Createspace gives budding authors the tools and resources they need to self-publish and distribute their book to readers.

"Corona" is a 204-page paperback that Hannah self-published Dec. 8, 2012, and it is available on Amazon.com and Createspace. You can also go to  www.hannahsmartauthor.blogspot.com.

"My main goal is to get this published," she said.

"I want to keep writing -- it's something I love -- but I would like to be a film director. It combines both writing and pictures. You can bring it to life visually. "

A lot of creativity runs through the Smart family.

Coming up behind Hannah is her 13-year-old sister, Gabby, who is in eighth grade. She loves singing.

And Hannah's mother, Renee, is an artist and owner of Moon Java Cafe on Harvester Avenue. She says it's important to take cues from your kids: Let them take control when they need to and try not to be too pushy.

Bill McDonald
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Way to go Hannah! Great story and look forward to reading your book. Sure your parents are very proud of your talents.....

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