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More snow is expected tomorrow

A winter weather advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service for all of Western New York  from 6 a.m. Saturday until 6 a.m. Sunday.

We can expect to see four to seven inches of new snow during that time.

Tomorrow will be the the fifth straight day of snow accumulation. Here are a few pictures of how people are dealing with the heavy snow.

Lake effect snow off of Lake Ontario about 11:30 a.m. today on Redfield Parkway in Batavia.

Lee Grant of Redfield Parkway uses an extra large shovel for the big snow. Grant says the snow is so deep in his backyard he has made a track with his snowblower for his two small dogs to walk on.

Kathy Owen lives just down the street from Lee Grant and says using two shovels at the same time really works best when clearing the driveway and sidewalks.

Paul Sherwood says he has been clearing the ice from the wheel wells of his cars going on  50 years. He did not seem to mind.

Steve Zocco and his son Steven, who is in fourth grade at St. Joseph's School, decide that playing in the snow bank would be a fun way to enjoy the large accumulations of snow.

And yes, there are areas of Wyoming County with close to two feet of snow.

By the end of this weekend they might have three feet.

Laurie Conrad from Bennington sent this photo of her front porch. Her son Ethan has measured about 28 inches of snow in their backyard.

Doug Yeomans
DougYeomans's picture
Joined: Feb 13 2009

I'm liking the old fashioned snowfall. I don't mind the extra work and I love the way it looks. Having 4 distinct seasons is something I really enjoy, except for the hot days in summer, you can send those to Alaska. o.O

jeff saquella
satch59's picture
Joined: Sep 30 2008

now this is what you call an old fashion winter.....this is the way winter snowfall was when I was a kid growing up.... seemed there was always snow to be shoveled every day.............I love it!

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