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Batavia woman pleads guilty after wrongfully obtaining benefits

Ellen M. Martinez Brayley, 26, of West Main Street, Batavia, pled guilty to one count of falsifying business records first degree in Genesee County Court this afternoon.

Martinez Brayley pled guilty on an Alford plea, which means she does not admit guilt, but does admit that sufficient evidence exists to convict her of the offense.

Martinez Brayley was charged in October of 2013 after an investigation found that she had falsified business records to wrongfully obtain benefits through Pathstone Section 8 HUD and Social Security Administration.

Martinez Brayley agreed to pay restitution to Pathstone in the amount of $10,059.
She will also pay restitution to Social Security Administration in the amount of $13,086.

Martinez Brayley could face up to six months in jail when she is sentenced in Genesee County Court on April 22 at 1:30.

Kevin Squire
klsquire's picture
Joined: Nov 13 2008

How many years to repay the funds???? Don't see it happening!!!!!!

Paula Ferraro
Paula Ferraro's picture
Joined: Feb 14 2010

My thoughts exactly. I don't see it happening....


I'm guessing the money is gone.

Greg Siedlecki
sabre_sid's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2009

One at a time! When do they start to get the other multi-millions of people doing the same thing to one or more Depts. of Government!

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