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Sunday, August 3, 2014 at 4:25 pm

Police investigate a stabbing on Ellicott Street

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Batavia Police were called to 610 Ellicott St. about 2 p.m. this afternoon for a male screaming for help covered in blood.

When emergency crews and police showed up on scene they found a male in his thirties down in the front lawn covered in blood.

Police say the victim was in the rear apartment when he was stabbed. He then ran outside looking for help.

The victim was not a resident of the apartment. He was visiting the female resident there.

The victim and the suspects are believed to be acquaintances.

The suspects fled the scene in a maroon minivan or SUV.  According to police, the vehicle was occupied by a male and a female.

The victim was transported to Strong Hospital by ground ambulance with a stab wound to the lower part of his body.

According to Sgt. Dan Coffey, the victim's wounds are not life-threatening.

City of Batavia Police continue to investigate the incident.

Anyone with information can call the tipline at 585-345-6370

Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 6:42 pm

Lost dog finally home after running away and living several months in harsh winter conditions

"We thought she was dead. Everytime I see her I can't believe she's here," says Jason Duffy.

Duffy and his wife, Christina, brought Willow, a 3-year-old Bernese mountain dog, home to live with them Nov. 11 after picking her out at a breeder's home in Ontario County.

After only living with the Duffys for a day, Willow charged the front door as Christina opened it about 5:30 that evening. Willow then took off outside and did not respond to Christina's calls.

After about an hour, Jason Rutkowski, a neighbor, decided to help out using his ATV to check the wooded areas and fields near the Duffy home in East Bethany.

Christina and Rutkowski battled a snowstorm and cold temperatures until about 10:30 that evening without any luck.

After returning home from work that night, Duffy decided he would place an advertisement in the local Pennysaver and then blanket the area between Route 5 and Route 63 with fliers.

Three weeks went by and the Duffys finally got a lead on Willow's whereabouts.

They received a tip call from hunter Dave Hofert.  

Hofert was hunting on his property near the Batavia Party House and recognized the dog from the Pennysaver advertisment. Willow was spotted in a wooded area near an old rail bed behind the Party House.

Duffy searched the area for about a month, but there was no sign of Willow.

In mid-December he and Christina had lost hope.

With no other calls or leads, Duffy gave up and stopped calling around to local shelters and the couple decided to get another Bernese mountain dog to replace Willow.

Around Christmas, the Duffy's brought 5-month-old Shyla into their home.

The first week of February, the Duffys got a second tip call about Willow. This time from a coyote hunter who had found a den where Willow was bedding down. The den was located near the old rail bed behind the Batavia Party House close to where the first sighting had been.

Duffy immediately went to the area.

This time, Duffy was able to see Willow, but when he tried to call her she would not come to him. So every day for a week Duffy would go to her den located only a few miles from their home and feed her. Then he found a second den that she had made that was closer to the edge of the wooded area.

That's when Duffy decided to buy a live trap for $450 and set it up next to the den with some food.

"I covered it with twigs and put some raw chicken cutlet in with the dog food. The next day I knew she would be in the cage," Duffy said.

Willow has been home now for about a week and is fitting in very well with her new family.

She especially likes the leather couch and has claimed it as hers.

"She took to Shyla right away, they are like best friends," Christina says.

Duffy says, "Willow was a little skittish at first and she's still getting used to us, but she knows her name when I call her now. She has lost a little weight, but looks good. We dewormed her and gave her some antibiotics and she is good to go now."

Bernese mountain dogs are cold-weather dogs. But according to Duffy, Willow has lived in the house all of her life and has never had to fend for herself. He thinks she was living on rabbits and squirrels.

As to why she took off on Christina that snowy day in November?

Duffy thinks Willow may have been heartbroken when she was moved from the breeder's home in Ontario County. He thinks she was missing another dog she was bred with.

Married 15 years, the Duffys now have a second addition to their household.

Along with working their full-time jobs, the Duffys also run a goat farm at their home with 30 goats. The couple started the Duffy Fainting Goat Farm in 2010. The farm specializes in Myotonic and Nigerian dwarf goats. They also breed Great Pyrenees dogs.

"We love our goats and our dogs, they are part of our family," says Duffy.

(Top photo: Christina Duffy)

From left: Willow, Christina, Shyla and Jason Duffy.

Den that Willow has called home since November 2013. (Photo by Jason Duffy)

Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Chickens found in ditch on Transit Road in Stafford

post by Alecia Kaus in abandoned chickens, Stafford

The temperature in Stafford early Tuesday morning was about 4 degrees.

Crista Boldt was on her way to work when she spotted four red birds in a ditch off Transit Road near East Bethany Le Roy Road.

"I thought they were pheasants," Boldt says.

When Boldt returned an hour later to see if they were still there, she found four domestic Red Star chickens huddled together and not moving. Boldt could tell they were suffering from hypothermia. She immediately placed the chickens in her van and transported them to her barn.

Boldt owns a horse farm in Stafford and she has eight horses. One of her horses is currently being boarded elsewhere for training. The one empty stall in her barn is now home to four lucky Red Star chickens.

"I was very upset when I spotted them," Boldt said. "I had to go back and get them, it just wasn't fair. They were left out in extreme temperatures and with no survival skills since they are domestic."

This morning Boldt noticed one the chickens has developed labored breathing and it might have pneumonia.

Dr. Catherine Homrig, a veterinarian at Pumpkin Hill Veterinarian Clinic in Byron says, "These domestic chickens are used for laying eggs and are usually found living in a coop. To ask them to fend for themselves in subzero weather in deep snow on the side of the road is beyond their ability."

Homrig says sometimes pet owners find themselves in financial trouble, having to move, or unable to care for their animal any longer.

"There are lots of situations," she says. "There are better ways and people need to be more compassionate about their animals."

The Genesee County Animal Shelter on West Main Street in Batavia does not accept chickens since they are considered a farm animal. 

According to Ann Marie Bradley, an Animal Control Officer with Genesee County, there are other options.

Abandoning your farm animal or pet along side a road is a misdemeanor charge under the the Ag and Markets law. Animal owners who are found guilty of dumping their pets or farm animals can face up to a year in jail and or a $1,000 fine or both.

Bradley says, people with farm animals can re-home the animal, process them for meat, euthanize the animal or take them to Lollypop Farm, a Humane Society in the Rochester area which is equipped to take in farm animal such as geese, ducks, chickens and horses.

Crista Boldt says her almost 7-year-old son Alex has become quite attached to the four chickens in her horse barn over the last few days.

"He already has names for each of them, Carla, from the 'Tractor Mac' book series, Chloe, Cluck and Claira."

Boldt will keep the rescued chickens at her horse farm until April 1.

After that a friend in the Pavilion area who is set up to take care of chickens, will be welcoming the four Red Stars to "Cluckingham Palace" where they will be cared for very well each day.

"We are always willing to give people advice by giving them information on other agencies that might be able to help," Bradley said.

Anyone who might need help or advice on what to do with an unwanted pet or farm animal can call the Genesee County Animal Shelter at 585-343-6410.

(Above picture provided by Crista Boldt.)


Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 8:02 pm

Habitat for Humanity home dedicated on Harvester Avenue

A large crowd filled the newest Habitat for Humanity home for a dedication at 11 Harvester Ave. in Batavia this morning.

The home will be occupied by Herb Neal, his mother, Barbara, and his two sons, Christopher, 13, and Matthew, 10. 

Neal says, "Moving in here will give my family the fresh start that we need."

Jessica Maguire Tomidy, CEO of Habitat for Humanity in Genesee County, says the home is the 11th project for Habitat for Humanity in the county, the 7th home in the City of Batavia.

Work on the Harvester Avenue house started in May of 2013. Hundreds of volunteers from all over WNY put in over 10,000 volunteer hours to make the renovations happen. The Neals will move into their new home March 16th.

Maguire Tomidy says the home was in very bad shape when they purchased it from the city. There were dead cats and dead squirrels inside and the remains of a dog in the backyard. The last time it was occupied was in 2007.

In under 10 months, Habitat for Humanity was able to identify a family with a need and put the property back on the city's tax rolls.

"It was not without a lot of resources, volunteer hours, energy and a lot of love, Maguire Tomidy said. "People have to have it in their hearts to help, and they do it again and again for us."

Habitat for Humanity paid the city about $2,000 for the Harvester Avenue parcel, according to City Manager Jason Molino, who says the renovation has increased its assessed value by about 35-38 percent.

"A renovated home and a new family add many benefits to a neighborhood and they contribute to the City's revitalization effort," Molino said.

Habitat for Humanity is currently rehabilitating another home at 2 McKinley Ave. and it will be completed and ready for another family by the end of the year.

Father James Fugle blesses the Neal home on Harvester Avenue.

Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Silver chalice stolen from Saint James Church

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Batavia Police were called to Saint James Episcopal Church early this afternoon for the larceny of a silver chalice.

According to police, the chalice was stolen sometime during this past week. There was no evidence of a break-in at the church which is located at 405 E. Main St.

Members of Saint James Church say the silver chalice is an important part of their congregation. The all-silver chalice is used for the consecrated wine and is administered at the eucharist. Church members would like to have the silver chalice returned; they say it has been part of the St. James community for a long time.

Batavia Police are currently working to obtain further information in connection with the larceny.

Anyone with information on the silver chalice can contact the Batavia Police at 585-345-6350 or online at http://www.batavianewyork.com/police-department/webforms/report-suspicio....

Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Six hundred pound safe falls off back of truck onto Main Street

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A  pickup truck carrying a 600-pound safe lost its load a little before 10 this morning.

The pickup was traveling west on Main Street near Jackson when the safe fell onto the road.

According to Batavia Police, the driver will be ticketed for failure to secure the load properly.

Parise's was called to haul the safe off the road.

Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 7:27 pm

Batavia woman pleads guilty after wrongfully obtaining benefits

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Ellen M. Martinez Brayley, 26, of West Main Street, Batavia, pled guilty to one count of falsifying business records first degree in Genesee County Court this afternoon.

Martinez Brayley pled guilty on an Alford plea, which means she does not admit guilt, but does admit that sufficient evidence exists to convict her of the offense.

Martinez Brayley was charged in October of 2013 after an investigation found that she had falsified business records to wrongfully obtain benefits through Pathstone Section 8 HUD and Social Security Administration.

Martinez Brayley agreed to pay restitution to Pathstone in the amount of $10,059.
She will also pay restitution to Social Security Administration in the amount of $13,086.

Martinez Brayley could face up to six months in jail when she is sentenced in Genesee County Court on April 22 at 1:30.

Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Geneseean of the Year: Laurie Mastin

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Volunteerism is a way of life for Laurie Mastin.

It is a way of life made possible because of two things. Her employer and her family.

Laurie has been working with National Grid (Niagara Mohawk) for almost 35 years. She started as a steno clerk in Dunkirk.

After transferring to the Batavia Office 31 years ago, and taking the necessary math and electrical theory courses needed to become a consumer representative, she says her life has come full circle.

"I believe in paying back," Mastin says. "That's how I was raised."

Her volunteer work in Genesee County all began with her kids, she says.

"In the 1990s I was the soccer mom."

With three boys playing in the Pavilion Amature Soccer Association and being heavily involved in Boy Scouts and a regular volunteer at St. Mary's in Pavilion, Laurie and her husband, Randy, were always on the go outside of their everyday jobs.

Laurie and Randy have been married for 31 years and their sons are, Gregory, 30, Andrew, 28, and Michael, 25.

Laurie, who is originally from Fillmore in Alleghany County, met her husband at the age of 15. They became friends after working a Rotary Camp in Pike with their fathers. They never dated until they were 21. They married at 22, and Laurie had their first son at age 23. Randy is originally from Dansville.

When they married, they decided that Pavilion would be a great place to settle down and live because it was located in between Randy's job in Dansville and Laurie's job in Batavia.

In 2002, Laurie's employer asked her if she would like to go through Leadership Genesee.

It's a 12-month course that works on team building and networking. She says this course was a pivotal, life changing time for her. It was also a springboard for Mastin.

"It makes you look at what is going on in your community. It makes you look at the mirror and at your strengths and weaknesses and what you want to change and how to get there."

Mastin says she did not feel very outgoing at the time and did not like to go outside of her comfort zone.

After completing Leadership Genesee, Mastin says she has taken some chances professionally and is a lot more confident. She joined the steering committee for Leadership Genesee and was the editor for their newsletter and helped with curriculum planning.

A classmate sponsored Laurie for Rotary in February of 2003.

"Rotary does so many things -- it's not just having lunch once a week, we raise a lot of money that goes right back into the community," Mastin says. "We fund 15 to 20 organizations for different grants they ask for on an annual basis."

Mastin is currently the Rotary board secretary and says over the years the Rotary Genesee County Nursing Home Christmas Party has become her favorite event. The event is in its 93rd year and began when the home was located in Bethany. 

All the nursing home residents who are able to attend are brought to the atrium and Bill Pitcher and the Ghost Riders entertain everyone while each resident in the facility gets a Christmas present. Mastin says, "Each time I've gone to this event and had someone say 'this is the only present I got this year, thank you so much.' "

Mastin has also been involved in the past four Rotary theatrical shows and is an active Rotary chairperson for the Youth Exchange Selection, Girls basketball tournament, Oktoberfest, Christmas at the County nursing home and the United Way Day of Caring.

In recognition of her tremendous Batavia Rotary volunteer efforts, Mastin was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award.

Membership in Rotary then led to her being asked to be on the board for the Genesee Orleans Regional Arts Council (GO ART!). She spent two three-year terms on the board and is very proud of the revamping of the GO ART! building at Main and Bank streets in Donwtown Batavia in 2005.

"It was a huge undertaking," Mastin says. "Getting the money and figuring out how to get it done, it was very meaningful." 

During her term at GO ART!, Mastin was then recruited as a Junior Achievment presenter at John Kennedy School in Batavia. She volunteered in the kindergarten class for seven years.

In 2008, Mastin was the recipient of the YWCA Fabulous Female Award. The award is given out each year to a female in the community who is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice and freedom and dignity for all people.

In addition to being a volunteer for education, the arts and business, Laurie shared her volunteer skills with those who are less fortunate in the community.

Laurie provided leadership to the Genesee-Orleans Ministry of Concern by serving on its board of directors from 2009- 2011. The Ministry of Concern works with people to provide emergency services for the poor and encourages needy members of the community to become independent and self-sufficient members of society.

When Laurie's mother became ill in 2011, she decided to step down with the Ministry of Concern and devote her time to taking care of her mom in Fillmore.

Mastin lost her mother this past year. Her 89-year-old father, who is also a Rotarian, still lives in Fillmore.

When Mastin's boss, Paul Kazmierczak, nominated her for Geneseean of the Year, she says she felt she did not deserve it this year.

"I am just doing Rotary now," Mastin says. "I feel uncomfortable about getting this award. I have worked with so many people on all these different avenues."

Kazmierczak says, "Laurie Mastin is a volunteer 'leader' who keeps on giving to all facets of Genesee County. She is a special person and a unique asset and ambassador."

"People are doing the work here in Genesee County," Mastin says. "I think that's what sets us apart from other counties across the state. Other counties don't see the collaboration we have here with local governments and economic developement.

"We have infrastructure here. We can disagree on things, but come to a table and hash things out and not stonewall things and that is how things get done here."

Over the last 31 years National Grid has allowed Laurie to do her job largely unsupervised, but if she needs help her bosses are always there.

"They kind of let me do what I do here to be successful not just in my job, but in the community, and I support that. I am very grateful." 

Photo by Howard Owens

Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm

Former Niagara Falls police officer sentenced for assault during a Darien Lake concert

A former Niagara Falls police officer who admitted she was intoxicated when she assaulted and injured a woman during a Jason Aldean concert at Darien Lake in August of 2012 was sentenced this morning in Genesee County Court.

Kelly L. Alcorn, 48, of Grand Island, was sentenced to a one year conditional discharge and ordered to do 100 hours of community service.

Alcorn paid full restitution in the amount of $2,128.74 before she left court today.

Judge Robert Noonan also issued five orders of protection for five years.

Alcorn, who was a 20-year veteran police officer with the Niagara Falls Police Department, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of reckless assault, 3rd, a misdemeanor, on Oct. 16, 2013.

Alcorn admitted she was intoxicated and that she wrestled the woman to the floor and hit her causing injury.

Alcorn had faced a second-degree felony assault charge before her plea.

She was initially charged with harassment, 2nd, but after the female victim contacted Buffalo media and described the attack and the extent of her injuries, the Genesee County District Attorney upgraded the charge to assault, 2nd.

Alcorn's Attorney, Norman Effman, told the court this morning, "My client had one moment of poor judgement that has embarrassed her and disrupted her life. Otherwise she has had a wonderful career serving six years in the military and 20 years in law enforcement."

Judge Robert Noonan agreed with Effman.

"You have suffered a major setback in your life and you were singled out because of your career in law enforcement, but the complainant was injured and deserves to be compensated," Noonan said.

Alcorn could have been sentenced up to one year in jail or three years probation.

In September of 2013, Alcorn left the Niagara Falls Police Department voluntarily after being placed on administrative leave after the incident occurred in 2012.

She retired with her pension.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 8:49 pm

Help needed in locating the owners of some recovered stolen items

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office is looking for assistance in locating the owners of some recovered property.

The items may have been in storage and stolen within the last year.

The fishing equipment recovered appears to be for deep water fishing and there were also more than 10 porcelain dolls found.

Deputy Bradley Mazur says investigators are also looking for help in recovering a 3-foot tall mechanical horse which makes horse sounds and has a head that moves up and down.The horse is tan in color and may have been purchased at a yard sale over the summer on North Street or Ellicott Street in the City of Batavia.

Anyone who can assist in the investigation or has purchased the mechanical horse from the two yard sales mentioned can contact Deputy Bradley Mazur at the Genesee County Sheriff's Office at 585-343-5000.

Aqua-Vu underwater viewing system, which includes a monitor and underwater camera.

Tundra fishing pole

More than 10 porcelain dolls were recovered. Here are two of them. They have tags that say porcelain collector series.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 7:38 pm

Batavia residents keep up with another day of heavy snowfall

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Redfield Parkway about 11:30 this morning. The winter storm warning is in effect until 10 p.m. Another 3-6 inches of new snow is possible tonight.

Washington Avenue bus stop. At 3 p.m. heavy snow made driving a little difficult.

Redfield Parkway resident Bob Johnson uses the snowblower to keep up with the heavy snowfall.

Guillermo Leon did not seem to mind shoveling his sidewalk on Richmond Avenue.

He says he likes winter.

Karen Baker clears off her car after picking up her two sons Michael and Justin from school.

City Plow making the rounds.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 9:43 pm

St. Joseph's School Handbell Choir performs at annual Christmas Concert

post by Alecia Kaus in handbell choir, st. joseph's school


St Joseph's School Handbell Choir performs "Angels We Have Heard on High" for the Christmas Concert Dec. 17, 2013. The group is directed by Kae Woodruff Wilbert.

From left: Matthew Zehler, Jaylee Maniscalco, Matthew Stevens, Benjamin Paserk, Samuel Bowman, Faith Falkowski, Mark Hoerbelt, Mary Warner, and Mary Kochmanski.

Other members of the Choir are: Amanda Bergman, Ariana de Sa e Frias, Doria Gallison, Jennifer Miller, Rachel Nickerson, Katherine Warner, Katelyn Zehler, Kaylyn Carlson, Christopher Gualtieri and Hannah Gualtieri.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Time is running out to get your packages in the mail in time for Christmas

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Long lines formed at the Batavia Post Office today.

According to Darlene Sharping, who has been at the customer service desk for 14 years, the Batavia Post Office has been one busy place for the last three weeks.

Today the wait in line was about 20 minutes. Some people walked in and walked out, while others braved the line and waited. 

Marybeth Bowen needed to mail a large envelope for $1.90, but did not have enough stamps. She had six but needed eight. In the Christmas spirit, another woman who was waiting in line to mail a lot of packages, volunteered to mail her envelope so she would not have to wait in line for stamps.

Sal Oddo, who has worked behind the customer service desk for 35 years here in Batavia says tomorrow is the last day to mail out packages to places like Florida or California. Anything after tomorrow might not make it in time for Christmas.

If you are mailing in the Northeast the last day is Thursday.

The Batavia Post Office will be open from 9-5 during the week.

Boxes were the theme in line today.

Even though the lines were long most people seemed to be in the Christmas spirit.

Monday, December 16, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Transformer on fire and down in the road on Pearl Street

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The City of Batavia Fire Department has been called to Pearl Street and Brooklyn Avenue for a transformer down in the road and on fire.

There are reportedly many lines down on the road.

UPDATE 10:50 p.m.: City fire is on location and investigating.

UPDATE 10:53 p.m.: There is a primary line down in front of Tonawanda Terrace. National Grid has been called to the scene. No ETA given. There are some power outages in the area.

UPDATE 10:57p.m.: Pearl Street is blocked to traffic at Brooklyn Avenue.

UPDATE 11:20 p.m.: Some signal lights are out on West Main Street and traffic is reportedly not stopping at the Lyon Street intersection with West Main.

UPDATE 11:27 p.m.: A Sheriff's deputy is directing traffic at Lewiston and Park roads.

UPDATE 11:33 p.m.: National Grid is on location.

UPDATE 12:15 a.m.: National Grid has started to work on the problem. The outage is affecting about 746 customers. The scene has been turned over to National Grid and City fire is going back into service. Estimated restoration time is 2:30 a.m.


Monday, December 16, 2013 at 9:39 pm

Snowmobile accident in Darien was part of a drill

post by Alecia Kaus in accident, Darien, drill, snowmobile

According to Darien Fire Chief Dale Breitwieser, an earlier post about a reported snowmobile accident in Darien was part of a drill involving the Darien and Corfu fire departments. 

The drill started a little before 7 p.m. and just finished up about 8:30 p.m.

Monday, December 16, 2013 at 5:26 pm

Batavia Police Benevolent Association sponsoring two families in need during the Christmas season

post by Alecia Kaus in Batavia Police Benevolent Association

Pictured from left: Officers Matt Lutey, Chad Richards and Felicia DeGroot

Press release

Dec. 16, 2013

This holiday season, the Batavia Police Benevolent Association has sponsored two families in need. These families have been affected this year not only financially, but by abuses involving children. The Child Advocacy Center assisted the PBA in connecting with these families in need.

This year, the Batavia PBA purchased items ranging from toys to food to basic necessities, for seven children and their families. We know this will bring many smiles to these children during this holiday season.

The Batavia PBA uses monies which it receives through donations from the community to fund such programs, and wishes to thank all of those who have contributed this year. With the continued support from our community, the Batavia PBA can assist more families throughout the years to come.

Monday, December 16, 2013 at 9:45 am

Odor of gas at Bank of America, city fire is investigating

post by Alecia Kaus in batavia, Bank of America

The City of Batavia Fire Department is on scene at Bank of America, 100 Main St., for the odor of  natural gas.

Fire crews have been on scene for about 20 minutes and have detected some levels of CO on the first floor and in the basement. A crew on the roof has detected the same smell there and they are shutting down the heating/cooling system.

UPDATE 8:52 a.m.: City fire has cleared the building of CO and levels are down to zero.They have isolated the problem to the heating units on the roof and all of the heating and cooling units have been shut down until maintenance arrives. Engine 12 will remain on scene until they arrive.

UPDATE: 9:06 a.m.: Engine 12 has now cleared the scene and is back in service.

Sunday, December 15, 2013 at 1:38 pm

A morning of digging out

post by Alecia Kaus in genesee county, snow

Ellicott Avenue snow


Many residents could be found digging out their driveways and clearing their cars of snow this morning.

After five straight days of snowfall, Genesee County will be getting a break today. There are no warnings, watches or advisories and temperatures will rise to the mid-20s. There is a chance of snow, but less than a half inch.

The seven-day forecast calls for rising temperatures and possibly 45 degrees by Friday.

Greg Lee uses his snowblower to clear his rental property on Richmond Avenue.

Pat Cavanaugh shovels out her driveway on Redfield Parkway.

Pat's neighbor gives her a hand.

After many days with temperatures below freezing, icicles have formed on Arby's front windows.

The McFollins brothers tried to go sledding at Centennial Park, but the snow was not good for sledding. So a snowball fight broke out on the way home. Pictured are Javin, 8, Ayden, 10, Mason, 12, and Carter, 8, of Batavia.

Plows were out clearing and salting the roads and streets seemed to be in better shape than yesterday.

Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 6:19 pm

12th Annual Children's Gala at the Holland Land Office

post by Alecia Kaus in Children's Gala, holland land office

Four-year-old Violet Sobresky of Batavia tells Santa and Mrs. Claus all about her Christmas list.


The blustery, winter weather could not keep the kids away from Santa Claus at the 12th Annual Children's Gala at the Holland Land Office this afternoon.

Santa and Mrs. Claus, Civil War reenactors, games, music and crafts kept kids of all ages busy on a Saturday afternoon.

Jayden Corcoran, 9, of Batavia, shows off the gingerbread Christmas ornaments he created.

Seven-year-old Nina Bartz, of Batavia, tells Santa her mother really needs a new blender.

Aliyah Curry, 9, of Batavia, creating a gingerbread ornament.

Assistant Director Jeffrey Fischer, Chairperson Linda Johnston, Co-chair Brenda Alvut, Santa and Mrs. Claus take time out to pose for a group picture.

Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 5:45 pm

Two-car accident with injuries in Pavilion

post by Alecia Kaus in accident, Pavilion

A two-car accident with injuries is reported on South Street Road between Dillon Road and York Road. The road is blocked.

One victim is complaining of a neck and collarbone injury. Pavilion fire is on scene and stablizing the patient. South Street Road is being closed down.

UPDATE 6:07 p.m.: Pavilion is back in service and the road is now open.

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