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Advertise to reach Batavia and Genesee County customers

Genesee County's Most Talked About News Site
It’s something we hear all the time -- “I’m addicted to your site!”  or,  “Everybody in town reads The Batavian.” In the past two-and-a-half years of The Batavian’s existence, it’s grown into a must-visit site for a tremendous number of people in Genesee County.

And local businesses are finding, it’s a must-be place to advertise, as well.

Why? Because The Batavian was built for the web, from our personal style of writing to our timely approach to news and the sense of community engagement we foster, The Batavian makes it easy for people to find out what’s going on in their community each and every day.

And just as unique as our approach to news is our approach to advertising.  We hide no ads behind some random act of rotation or bury them on rarely visited interior pages.  Both readers and advertisers love the fact that when they visit The Batavian’s home page all of the local businesses that support The Batavian and support the community are right there -- easy to find and easy to view.

The Batavian’s unique web-friendly format is what is turning The Batavian into Genesee County’s fastest growing and most talked about online resource. If your business isn’t already on The Batavian, call Howard Owens today at (585) 260-6970 and find out how The Batavian can more effectively promote your products or services.


Dramatic Audience Growth
audgrowth.gifThe Batavian is Genesee County's fastest growing news source, adding new, regular readers daily.

And The Batavian reaches more Genesee County residents than any other news web site, according to Quantcast.

Monthly visitors from Batavia for The Batavian: 13,657; for the Daily News: 11,619. For all of Genesee County, The Batavian: 15,911; The Daily News: 13,993

“The first two weeks of our ad on The Batavian generated more calls than two years of advertising in print. Within weeks, we were nearly sold out for the season. This will be our biggest year yet, and that’s largely thanks to The Batavian.” -- Joe Valone, Pheasants on the Flats.

“We’re proud to be The Batavian’s first sponsor. We continue to advertise on The Batavian because we know it’s the site that everybody in town is reading. Our customers come in all the time and talk about what they’ve seen on The Batavian. The site is a cost-effective way for us to promote our sales and specials and Howard is very easy to work with on keeping our ads up to date.” -- Mary Valle, Valle Jewelers.

To find out more about effective online advertising, call Lisa Ace at 585-250-4118.

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